Watch: Funny Video Shows Blogger Trying Hack To Make Sandwich With Iron; Will It Work?


In today’s time, it is almost impossible to scroll through the internet and not come across a bizarre food combination or strange food hack that has gone crazy viral. Many of these food combos come as a revelation to foodies who are blown away by the invention. Food hacks on the other hand are known to teach us an easier way to function in the kitchen and are happily welcomed by amateur chefs and beginners. However, not every hack or food combo that we come across does what it promises to. Many might seem completely unnecessary and too weird to be true. Most of us have come across content that makes us question its existence and we go ‘Why?’

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Well, as stupid as these hacks might be, it does get a few laughs from viewers all over. A food blogger has tried one of these hacks and the video is too funny and relatable! Have you come across those hacks of heating/making food in unusual appliances? If not, this food blogger shows what it is and tries to see if it actually works. Anjali Dhingra is a Bengaluru-based food blogger and is known for her many bizarre food combos and inventions that she posts on her page @sooosaute and her most recent video shows us if this food hack is any good. Anjali tries to make a sandwich by pressing it between two irons. Yes, the exact appliance that you use to iron your clothes! The sandwich does not turn out perfect and we can hear her say, “What was the purpose of this hack?”. Take a look at the video here:

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If you thought the video was hilarious, wait until you read the funny comments left by the viewers. From sympathy to relatability, this sandwich hack has garnered over 100 funny comments.

Most of the comments left by the viewers talked about how impractical the hack was.

“Is this even a hack or what?”

“Bada hi illegal cheez kiye ho aap” (What you have done is illegal)

“2 iron lene se aacha toh sandwich machine he le lengay” (I would rather buy a sandwich machine than get two irons for this hack)

“Aisa kisi ke samne karo toh duhkaan wala bhi free sandwich de dega” (A sandwich shop might as well give you a free sandwich than see you do this)

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But wait, the hack is not totally useless as commented by many students and bachelors living in hostels and PGs without proper cooking equipment. In fact, many of these students vouched for the hack and even corrected the blogger on how to do it in the future.

“Hostel me kaam aata hai ye sab. Aur ek press se bhi kaam ho jata hai” (This is useful in hostels, in fact, you can do this with just one iron as well)

“We do it with a foil paper and just one iron. Hosteller’s life!”

“Hostel vale bachon ke liye hai yeh! Hostel Life jo jeeta hai wohi samajh sakta hai. No induction no Gas, tab iron hi kam aati hai” (This is meant for students living in hostels. When you have no induction and gas, iron is what helps us.)

“Try once by wrapping it in a foil paper it will definitely work”

What are your thoughts on his hack? Do you think it can actually work? Let us know in the comments below.


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