Watch: German Makes Indian Food Like A Pro And Indian Viewers Are Highly Impressed


Ramen, pasta, noodles, dim sum, pizza – we Indians love to enjoy all these dishes. There isn’t a cuisine that we don’t eat, because our spice palate is so diverse that we can enjoy all kinds of food! But that’s not the same for every country. People in the West don’t have access to different types of spices and masalas, therefore they don’t necessarily enjoy eating Indian food as it can get a little too spicy for their somewhat bland palate. But one German man is here to prove us wrong. Not only does he enjoy eating Indian food, he can also cook Indian food like a pro! A video surfaced on Instagram where the man was cooking an extremely popular Indian delicacy and Indians were astonished to see how well he was cooking!

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Paul Kober is a chef based in Berlin, Germany and he is known for sharing easy vegan recipes on his food blog @herbifoods on Instagram. Occasionally, he tries out popular recipes from different cuisines and shares the recipe with his followers. But he adds a personal twist to these recipes, by giving them a vegan angle. Recently he tried his hand at making vegan dal makhani and Indian viewers all across the world were impressed by his skills. Not only did he nail the dal makhani recipe, but he actually managed to make it vegan in a way that the taste remains the same. Rather than adding dairy products like butter and cream, he simply switched to vegan options for the same. Take a look:

Here’s how people reacted in the comments section:

“This is the only respectful, beautiful, smooth cooking tutorial I’ve seen someone do of a culture different than their own. Thank you”

“He makes (sic) the daal look so gourmet”

“Wow you tried this … so yummy this is our moat fav recipe in India

“Amazing…You cooked Indian food in Indian way”

“I grew up eating north Indian Food and this is an absolute fav”

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