Watch: Gordon Ramsays Food Gets Reviewed By His Mother In His Own Style; Viewers Are Amused


If you are a fan of international cooking shows and videos, you must have often witnessed celebrated chef Gordon Ramsay critiquing foods in the most unapologetic ways. His unabashed demeanour actually made him more famous in the food circle and one can’t help but laugh at his humorous roasts of other chefs. He can’t be pleased easily and everybody knows that. However, the tables turned and it was Gordon Ramsay himself at the receiving end this time. Want to know more? Keep reading.  

Gordon Ramsay posted a short reel on Instagram which shows him cooking a dish in the kitchen with his mother watching over. When he is done, he asks his mother to have a taste of it. His mother dipped her finger in the bowl and tasted it. Her instant reaction is too funny too miss. She exclaimed, “Urgh, I don’t like that!” And what’s even funnier is the way Gordon Ramsay takes the response – He simply laughs. 

Watch the video here: 

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Gordon Ramsay captioned the video with- “Happy Mother’s Day Mum! You may not enjoy my toppings but I love you xxx.” While Mother’s Day is celebrated on 8th May in most of the countries, it falls on 27th March in the UK; hence, the caption. 

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The video clocked in 2.8 lakhs and thousands of amusing comments. Many people commented on Gordon Ramsay’s mother’s honesty with comments like, “The pure immediate honesty,” “Lol, moms will be so honest with you,” “Probably the only person that can get away with criticising Gordon Ramsay’s food, lol” and “You can be the best chef in the world, but you ain’t satisfying mom or cooking better than her”. 

Some people also deciphered how Gordon Ramsay got his intrepid quirks. One comment read, “Hahaha now I understand everything,” another one said, “like mother, like son?” 

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