Watch: Make South Indian Special Aloo Bonda For A Fun Tea Session


We all are aware of the famous Mysore bonda – a fried round fritter, usually made with ground lentils, flour, coconut and spices. While this is a more popular south Indian delicacy that has, more often than not, made it to our snacks platter, another version of bonda made with potatoes shares equal love from bonda lovers. Aloo bonda is another gift from the south Indian culinary repertoire that makes for an excellent snaking option, and why not? Aloo still reigns the snacks world – be it in the form of samosa, French fries or bonda.  

Aloo bonda is made with a mixture of spiced potatoes, shaped into tiny round balls and dipped in a dense besan batter before frying. The crispy yet spongy bonda flavoured with a host of south Indian spices is the ultimate snack that will sit well with the palates of people all over the country. 

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Aloo Bonda Recipe I How To Make Aloo Bonda At Home 

First make the besan batter by whisking besan in water, salt, red chilli powder and turmeric powder, and keep aside. Then make the potato mixture by sauteing boiled and grated potatoes in an onion base, seasoned with mustard leaves, curry leaves, green chillies, ginger-garlic paste and more. Don’t forget to add a dash of lemon juice and sugar to bind all the flavours together and balance them out. Once the mixture is cooked and dried out, make balls out of it, dip in the besan batter and fry. Make sure not to over fry them as the potato filling inside is already cooked.  

For clear cooking instructions, watch the recipe video of aloo bonda in the header section.  

Pair this bonda with green mint-coriander chutney or even tomato sauce. Serve a plateful of these gems with evening tea to your family members and enjoy a great food-filled chat session. 

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