Watch: Padma Lakshmi Has Got Her Eyes On Pizza And Foodies Cant Help But Relate


Padma Lakshmi may just be one of the most relatable celebrity foodies on the internet! While she started as a model in the fashion industry, she has slowly managed to veer herself in the direction of her passion- food. Now, she is the host of one of the most popular cooking competition show ‘Top Chef’ and she has written multiple books about her love for food, becoming The New York Times Best-Selling Author. Not only does she love to cook food and share recipes with her fans and followers, she also likes to indulge in social media trends to express her love for food. Recently, she hopped on an extremely popular Instagram reel trend and made her own, and foodies all across the world can’t help but relate! Take a look:

As the audio of the reels sings “And everybody’s watching her, but she’s looking at you”, Padma Lakshmi adds the images of some of the most delicious pizzas she had in the past. She dedicated this reel to her love for pizza. This video has garnered 154k views and 7k likes. Here is what she writes in the caption:

“What’s your favourite pizza topping? I’m powerless around pizza in all forms. Delicious pies from 50 Kalo in Naples, a wonderfully cheesy New York slice, or my favourite thin crust pie in bed… just gimme all the pizza.”

While pizza does hold a special place in Padma Lakshmi’s heart, she is actually known for her love for Indian food! You can always find her munching on some popular Indian delicacy.

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The Indian-American celebrity was born in Chennai, India, and has a special bond with South Indian food. You can often find her sharing South Indian recipes that she has been eating ever since she was a child!

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