Watch: The Classic Rava Idlis Get A Spicy Twist With This Masala Rava Idli


Foodies all across India can agree that idli is one of the most popular breakfast delicacies. You can always find a tray full of fluffy idlis in breakfast buffets in all corners of the country. The reason why it is preferred for breakfast is that this South Indian delicacy is light, fluffy and healthy to the core. The combo of idli sambar makes for a wholesome meal without making the stomach feel heavy as they are super easy to digest! As idli is our go-to choice for breakfast, we have decided to change up the menu by finding an idli recipe with a surprising twist. Rather than eating plain idlis every day, surprise your taste buds with masala rava idli.

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For the unversed, rava idlis are soft, steamed round-shaped cakes made from sooji. The difference between rava idli and normal idli is that the former is made of sooji and the latter is prepared by fermenting rice and dal. While rava idli is prepared by mixing roasted rava with yoghurt, seasoning, water and fruit salt, this rava idli comes with a masaledaar twist of curry leaves and red chillies

Masala Rava Idli Recipe: How To Make Masala Idli For A Delicious Breakfast

Masala rava idli is super easy to make! Heat oil in a kadhai, saute mustard seeds, curry leaves and chopped red chillies. Add the sooji, roast it till it’s light brown. Remove it from heat. Pour in water and curd, season it with salt and mix well. Leave aside for an hour. Add some fruit salt to the batter. Steam the idlis for 10-15 minutes. The masala rava idli is ready!

Watch the step-by-step recipe video of Masala Rava Idli in the Header Section above.

Serve these masala rava idlis with sambar and coconut chutney, or you can also enjoy them just like that.

Make this easy breakfast recipe for your family and do tell us in the comments section how you liked it!


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