Watch: Woman Makes Unique Lava Idlis; Leaves The Internet Divided


Usually, when one mentions South Indian cuisine, there might be a range of delicious dishes that would come to your mind. But in all these different things, nothing beats the classic combination of comforting and soulful idli sambhar. The fluffiness and lightness of idlis dunked in tangy sambhar is simply divine. We love this dish for its simplicity. However, some people might take their love for idli sambhar a step further and create something new from it. Now we know that you must be thinking about what really new could come out of idli sambhar. Well, allow us to introduce you to ‘idli lavas’ that has divided the internet. In a recent video that has been doing the rounds on the internet, we can see a woman making these idlis stuffed with sambhar. When she cuts the idli, the sambhar flows out of it.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user @swadcooking, we can see the making of this dish. First, the lady takes a muffin mould and fills half idli batter in it. Then she takes a puri, adds sambhar, and keeps it in the middle of the half-filled batter. Next, she pours more batter from the top to cover it. Finally, she steams these idli lavas. Once it is done, she shows it to her viewers. Take a look at it here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 274K times, has 9K likes and has several comments. Many people gave mixed reactions to it. First, a person wrote, “This is so creative, and I don’t know but funny to me; anyway great work.” Then another person said, “Lovely version of choco lava cake, only it’s a savoury thing.” Many also added, saying, “This is super creative,” and “This is fun. I will try this.”

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In contrast to these comments, many people also did not like the creation. A user said, “Arey yaar Northies, please stop exploiting our food.” Another person even added, “Please leave the idlis alone.”

Someone mentioned, “How about you freeze the sambar, cut it into small cubes, put in between layers of idli batter and steam it?! Why on earth would you put a pani puri in it?!”

What do you think about this experiment? Would you t


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