What Does Your Coffee Reveal About Your Personality? Expert Decodes


There are few things in this world as refreshing as a cup of coffee. Millions of people swear by this delicious beverage to wake them up and kick-start the day on a high note. Coffee’s ever-increasing popularity is testified by the fact that there are cafes popping up at every corner in every street. Many variations and versions of the humble beverage are also being invented and discovered by the minute. However, did you know the kind of coffee brew that you pick could offer an insight into your personality? A behavioural expert has shared his unique thoughts on this very topic in a recent report. While reading tea leaves has been a common way of predicting the future, now your choice of coffee can offer interesting things about you too!

The report was shared by Darren Stanton on Twitter. Stanton is a former police detective and psychologist with over 26 years of experience in his kitty. He recently spoke to Delish UK about what your coffee order could reveal about you. From black coffee to spiced latte, espresso to flat white – whatever you may pick could be linked to how you are as a person.

Here Are The Various Kinds Of Coffee And How They May Be Linked To Your Personality As Told By Darren Stanton:

1. Black Coffee

Black coffee drinkers are single-minded and fitness-oriented. They are very calorie-conscious and hence order this low-calorie brew. “This can mean that this person is a determined, focused and driven individual that looks after themselves,” said Stanton.

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Black coffee is linked to determination and focus. Photo: iStock

2. Latte

Do you like your coffee with plenty of milk? Darren says that means you don’t like to take too many risks. “Latte drinkers tend to be mild-mannered, agreeable, happy to go with the flow,” he said.

3. Iced Coffee

Who doesn’t love a tall glass of chilled coffee? According to the expert, this may mean you tend to go ‘against the grain’ and play by your own rules. He revealed, “They want things done their way and could potentially be quite stubborn in certain areas of their lives.”

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Iced coffee is picked by people who play by their own rules. Photo: iStock

4. Espresso

Espresso drinkers are said to be the no-nonsense, straight-talking kind of people. Calling them ‘adventurous’ and ‘powerful’, Staten said an Espresso lover is, “Strong in character, who knows what they want and not afraid to ask for it.”

5. Cappuccino

If you can’t resist a hot cup of Cappucino, Darren says that you may be prepared to push yourself into unknown territory. Talking about Cappuccino aficionados, he said, “These will tend to be people that might have a go at a new skill or visit a new place they’re interested in. They’re quite open-minded and up for a laugh.”

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Cappuccino lovers are said to be open-minded.

6. Mocha

“Very extroverted, outgoing, flamboyant, and potentially quite loud. They’re the life and soul of the party,” said Darren about those who love Mocha. He said that this beverage was very cute and most photographed on the ‘gram too, thus suggesting that this choice is quite interesting.

7. Flat White

A flat white coffee is one of the less-known choices and usually it is only the true coffee-lovers who opt for this brew. “People who order a flat white tend to think they’re a bit more sophisticated than others. They stand by their opinions no matter what,” revealed Stanton.

8. Coffee With Flavoured Syrups

Do you enjoy a bit of extra flavour in your favourite Cuppa? Stanton says this may mean you are creative and experimental. “People who order these drinks could be quite creative though as they don’t know how things will turn out with a drink like this, but they’re happy to experiment and run with the idea,” he said.

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Flavoured syrups in coffee means that you are experimental. 

What did you think of the interesting coffee insights offered by the expert? Tell us whether your coffee matches your personality in the comments below.


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