Why Generate LMS Custom Reports?


Why Generate LMS Custom Reports To Monitor External Partner Performance

Out-of-the-box reports have their uses. They can monitor in-house employee engagement and completion stats. However, keeping an eye on external partners is a whole new analytical ballgame. You must verify that they’re living up to company standards and avoiding the most (and costly) compliance issues. As such, robust reporting is a must for your new extended enterprise system. These are just a few benefits of generating LMS custom reports to monitor external partner performance and proficiency.

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7 Top Benefits Of Using LMS Custom Reports To Keep Track Of External Partner Performance

1. Disclose Common Gaps To Maintain Company Standards

Everyone has unique challenges they must overcome to reach their full potential. External partners are no exception. LMS custom reports help you disclose commonalities with compliance. For example, many remote sales associates are unaware of the dress code or COI policies, as evidenced by low assessment scores. With this information, you can ensure they maintain company standards and uphold your image by providing follow-up support tools instead of letting gaps get in the way of their performance and tarnishing your reputation.

2. Improve External Partner Satisfaction To Retain Your Top Performers

Another metric to keep an eye on is overall satisfaction. How happy are external partners with your instructors or course design? Does it give them enough practical application? Is the system easy to navigate? An LMS custom reports generator helps you retain top talent by meeting their needs and improving your strategy. For instance, survey and poll data lets you know they’re unhappy with the JIT library. It doesn’t address their diverse training goals or preferences. As a result, you can fine-tune your repository to keep your best sellers and service providers instead of finding replacements.

3. Personalize The Process Using Real-World Activity Reports

You can never tell how an external pattern will react in stressful situations or if they’re able to use your training tools in practical settings. Unless, of course, you incorporate simulations, branching scenarios, and other real-world activities. Then use the LMS custom reports to highlight challenges and enhance training personalization. These reports indicate where partners are struggling, which skills they lack, and the strengths they possess. As a result, you’re able to custom-tailor resources that provide moment-of-need support and target crucial gaps.

4. Test Their Mettle By Finding The Right Difficulty Level

Boredom is the archnemesis of L&D. Especially for remote external partners who don’t have coworkers or managers to give them a nudge. LMS reporting features such as completion times and assessment results help you find the ideal difficulty level. Slow completion times mean that they need more information or skills to achieve the objectives. Breezing through the course is a telltale sign that they aren’t being challenged enough, which could lead to boredom. Finding the perfect place on the difficulty spectrum allows partners to test their mettle and continually strengthen their talents.

5. Use Assessment Scores To Go Beyond Completion Stats

Another use for assessment scores is to dig deeper into completion stats to identify the “why” behind partner performance issues. For example, a member of your extended sales channel is habitually slow. They take twice as long to complete modules and activities compared with peers. Get to the root of the problem by evaluating assessment results and then offer supplemental training tools. LMS custom reporting lets you not only identify the issue but quickly identify the cause. It gives you a more comprehensive overview of KPIs that matter most to your organization.

6. Monitor Certification Paths To Improve Accountability

Some external partners might use the distance as an excuse to shirk their training duties. Before you know it, their negligence costs you thousands in compliance violations or workman’s comp claims. With an LMS custom reports generator, you’re able to hold partners accountable and track their certification progress. See who has earned which certificates, who is up for renewal, and how well they understand the topic. Certain LMS solutions even have automatic certification reminders that let partners know when it’s time to refresh their memory and recertify.

7. Reduce External Partner Training Costs And Seat Times

The bottom line is that external partners need to contribute to your bottom line. They need training resources just like everyone else, but you can’t spend a small fortune on L&D. LMS reporting helps you cut costs since you can enhance personalization and quickly identify areas for improvement. This also reduces seat time so that external partners get back to business as usual instead of spending the day at a training seminar. To illustrate this point, let’s say a remote customer care rep logs in to the JIT library for a quick company policy tutorial. They’re able to address the consumer’s complaint and keep them satisfied without violating protocols. That JIT was created in response to low assessment scores and completion rates across the board. Reports revealed that partners were unaware of customer service policies and your L&D team acted quickly to bridge the gap, thereby reducing risk, improving profits, and boosting customer satisfaction scores.


LMS custom reports shine the spotlight on common challenges and track external partner performance as they venture down personalized paths. You can even find the right balance of challenge to stave off boredom without causing unnecessary stress. It all starts with an LMS that features a custom reports generator so that you can monitor reports that align with your KPIs. But keep in mind, these rewards also hinge on your evaluation techniques. Schedule reports to streamline delivery and use data visualizations to track the trends.

Are you looking for an extended enterprise platform to deliver remote training and monitor external partner performance? Find an LMS that offers the complete package with the help of our LMS directory. You can even read the latest reviews to see how your top choices fare in real-world trials.

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