Why Melanie Lynskey Can’t Be Trusted With Yellowjackets Secrets


Now that Melanie Lynskey is an Emmy nominee for Yellowjackets, you’d think she might be privy to details about the show’s highly-anticipated second season—but think again.

“I know nothing. I think they’ve learned to make sure I don’t know anything because I like to respond to people when people ask me questions!” Lynskey joked exclusively to E! News after earning her Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series nomination July 12. “I think they’re like, ‘Don’t give her any information that she could accidentally give out.'”

However, that hasn’t stopped Melanie from being incredibly inquisitive about what lies ahead.

“I heard they’ve written like seven episodes,” she said. “I would love to read just one. I won’t say anything to anybody! I’m desperate to know what’s going to happen.”

In addition to Melanie’s nomination, freshman breakout hit Yellowjackets was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series and Melanie’s co-star Christina Ricci was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. 

Still, Melanie wishes there was room for more—especially Sophie Nélisse, who plays the younger version of Melanie’s character.

“I wish that everybody could be nominated,” Melanie said. “I wish Juliette [Lewis] was nominated, and Tawny [Cypress]. The entire younger cast, but especially Sophie. She does so much. I really think she has the hardest job of anyone on the show.


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