Why TikTok’s Calamine Lotion Hack Isn’t a Great Alternative for Primer


According to the dermatologist, a damaged skin barrier can result in dry patches, blotchy skin, sensitive skin, breakouts or accelerated aging.

“Now it might not happen right away with calamine lotion,” she said, “but if you use it more than a few times a week, it will ultimately damage the skin barrier.”

People with sensitive skin, eczema and rosacea, she said, are “especially vulnerable to the damaging effects of calamine lotion.”

A safer alternative for better skin, according to Bowe, is to incorporate exfoliating serums and retinoids into your regimen to “even out skin texture and minimize the appearance of pores.”

She doesn’t recommend using them every single day, but “if you cycle through your evening skincare routine, what I call Skin Cycling, you can actually get more out of your skincare products and see real changes in your skin.”


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