You Showrunner Reveals Penn Badgley’s New Season 4 Role


We’d like to say “Hello, You” to the Netflix hit’s new director.

That’s right, a special someone is sitting in the director’s chair for season four of You: Joe Goldberg himself, Penn Badgley. Showrunner Sera Gamble confirmed the news by sharing a snap of Penn wearing headphones while overseeing a scene play-out on set.

Sera wrote, “We hired a new director this season but he seems to know the show really, really well.”

Penn’s co-stars were quick to commemorate the news, with You newcomer Lukas Gage commenting, “A natural!” and season two favorite Jenna Ortega writing, “You’re kidding!!! So so cool.”

James Scully, who played Penn’s on-screen rival Forty in the second season, expressed a similar sentiment: “Wow wow wow like he couldn’t get more dreamy.”

You can say that again!

This is certainly a full circle moment for Penn, who opened up in July about the note he “always” gets from the directors while filming You. Specifically, Penn revealed on his Podcrushed podcast that he’s been instructed to make masturbation scenes “less creepy,” adding, “They say like, ‘Close your eyes or go faster or go slower.’ I’m like, ‘What? This man is f–king murder people, and he’s masturbating in the street. You’re saying I’m making it creepy? How is it I’m the one making it creepy?'”


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